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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 12:32 pm

Read beore posting please

1. No Bashing

Any insults towards other members with strong words is consideres as bashing. Bashing is not allowed. Such terms include but are not limited to swear words. If you have a negative opinion about someone then keep it off the boards.

2. No Spamming

Do not post nonsense posts. Do not post just to get your post count up. Post only relevant material on topic to the discussion going on. Posts of 1 or 2 words will be counted as spamming if done often. Straying from the subject is not against the rules. Just make sure this develops naturally and that it promotes discussion.

3. No Overtly Sexual Content

There is no nudity allowed on the boards. Overtly sexual content is also not allowed. The Boards need to be kept the clean. Overtly sexual content includes pictures exposing the breast, bare bottom, and privates as well as condoms, sex toys, and other miscellaneous sex objects. Links to porn sites are also prohibited. Remember that this site isn't an adult oriented site and so we have to protect our younger members.

4. Signature Rules.

Quantity Limit: 2 banners.
Max Dimensions: 500 x 250
Text limit: 4 lines.

There is an exception for the forum award banners.

5. One Username Per Member

Members should only register one username. If you have more than one username the extra names will be erased and you will be given an Infraction. If you continue to have more than one username you will have ALL your names banned and your IP address blocked.
If you desire to change your username pm the administrator, you can change it but not in short periods of time.
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General Rules
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